SSE’s solutions are designed to keep your network free and clear from external threats, allowing you to work more efficiently without having to worry about when the next cyberattack will take place.

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Remote Workforce Cybersecurity Checklist

At this point, we’ve all grown accustomed to working remotely. But oftentimes, comfort becomes complacency, so we created a quick remote workforce security checklist to realign your teams. Read on for ways to fortify your remote workforce…
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Email Security Best Practices for Employees

For the most part, email security best practices have remained consistent. Don’t click unknown links. Avoid easy passwords and block spammers. However, email is, by far, the most common mode of communication for employees (an estimated 306.4…
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5 Key Cybersecurity Considerations Heading into 2022

Looking back at 2021, this past year has brought a lot of change in the cybersecurity world—from new federal regulations to supply chain chaos, natural disasters, increases in cyber attacks and more people working from home than ever before. In…
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5 Cybersecurity Threats To Be Aware Of In 2021

5 Cybersecurity Threats To Be Aware Of In 2021 You may hear about a major data breach here or there – but do you know how the state of cybersecurity threats changed in 2020 and are you prepared in 2021? The conversation about cybersecurity…
Has Your MSP Been Breached
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Has Your MSP Been Breached?

Has Your MSP Been Breached? You’re only as secure as the company handling your IT services, right? If they’re vulnerable to cybercriminals, then so are you. You can’t only be thinking about your cybersecurity. You have to consider your…